Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pirate Bulletin Board Game {FREEBIE}

I have been using the same types of homework incentive charts for years now.  I decided it was time for something different this year!!!  How about a bulletin board game?!?!

The mascot at my school is the owl, so I use a lot of owls in my room.  This year, our PTA adopted a pirate theme, so we are now seeing lots of pirate owls all around school!  The theme also goes along with a theme our principal has adopted called "teach like a pirate."  This is based on some professional development by Dave Burgess.  Check him out, there is some great stuff there!

So, back to my homework incentive chart.  I have wanted to make a large bulletin board game for a while now.  I found some really cute owl pirate clip art, and decided to go for it.  Students will all start at the owl pirate and follow the map to get to the treasure box.  They each have a ship with their name on it that will sail the "speechie seas."  I laminated each ship and put a tiny piece of adhesive putty on the back. 

As students start to return their homework, they will get to roll the dice and move their ship that many spaces.  When they reach the treasure box they will get a prize!

I am hoping this will motivate some of my students a little more than just the regular incentive chart.  Not sure it will work, but I am going to try it!  I'll keep you updated to let you know if it works.

If you want to join me in using this type of game, here is a FREEBIE for you!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Froggy Facebook Frenzy Hop {FREEBIES}

Froggy Facebook Frenzy of FREEBIES!!! Sept 7-8

Come and hop along our Facebook Frenzy and collect 18 products to make a HUGE book companion! The products range from young to older students and include activities for an array of speech and language goal areas.

Click on the map to download the "linkable" Google Doc frenzy map!

If you like any of my phonological awareness book companions, you will want to be sure to grab this freebie over at Speech Universe on Facebook.

When you go to Speech Universe on Facebook, click on the tab that says "SLP Frenzy" and then it will direct you on how to collect your freebies!

You can see the cover pages of all of the freebies included in the frenzy HERE.

Because of changes to Facebook, this is the last Facebook Frenzy we will be able to do.  I hope you enjoy grabbing all of these great freebies!

Monday, September 1, 2014

File Cabinet Makeover

So this year, I was not able to get into my speech room until the last minute.   We had some major renovations done to my school, and I had to pack absolutely everything up.  I also have a student intern with me this fall and wanted to make sure to familiarize her with the school and procedures, etc. during my first two days back.  Because of these reasons, I really have not done anything too creative with my room yet.  I want to put together a cute bulletin board outside of my room, but it just has not happened yet.  I do, however, have something to share with you that is new to my room this year!

At the end of this last school year, I came across this filing cabinet in a hallway at my school.  Someone was getting rid of this trash treasure.

I am forever looking for new storage options for my room, and scooped it right up!  The custodian thought I was crazy for being excited about this, but I knew that I had big plans for this baby!

First, I took off all of the handles and took the drawers out of the cabinet area.  Then, I primed the whole thing using Rust-Oleum Professional Primer.  I only had to do one coat with this.  I covered really easily.  I used three cans.


I finished it off with a coat of Rustoleum Gray Spray Paint.  I only used two cans of this paint because I had already primed it, and it seemed to be going on really well.

After everything was dry, I applied some really pretty coordinating paper to the drawers using Mod Podge.
I cut the paper so that it overlapped on the drawers just a bit.  Then, I put a coat of Mod Podge on the back of the paper and applied it to the drawer front.  Then, I put an additional coat of the Mod Podge over the paper.  After it dried, I put all of the hardware back on the cabinets, and was ready to take this baby back to my office!

Here is my finished product...

I couldn't resist covering my pencil cans with my paper too!

Happy start of the year everyone!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

TpT Shining Stars {LINKY}

What?  Another Sale?!?!  Yes!!! 
TpT has set up a second back to school sale to BOOST you into the new year!  The sale will be August 20! If you are like me, and don't start back up to school until after Labor Day, this is an awesome way to get back into the mind set of going back to school.
Some of the other SLP bloggers/ TpT sellers have gotten together to share their favorite products that they have created, as well as their favorite products from other people.  Thanks to Jen over at SLP Runner for setting this up!!!  I decided to link up and share my favorite items too!

First, my newest favorite, that I am so excited to use is my Paper Bag Articulation Books!

I used my /s/ version with students in the spring, and can't wait to use all of my different versions this fall!  So far in the bundle I have S, Z, F, V, K, G, L, and R.  This week before the sale, I am also adding S, R, and L blends!!!!  My students really loved having their own books and cards to use for practice.
My second favorite product that is a constant go-to is my No Frills Articulation series.

I use the pages from this packet constantly.  I use the word lists while playing games during sessions, and also send home the pages for homework.  I also love the addition of my No Frills Roll it, Say it, Color it packet to this bundle of products.

My third favorite product that I want to share is my Auditory Farm.

I use this product a lot when I want a quick way to target some auditory comprehension skills.  The stories are short, and the graphics are cute and interesting to my students.  I also love using the rubric that is included in the story retell portion of this packet.  I have two other similar items called, Auditory Circus and Auditory Zoo.

Now for my favorites from other TpT sellers!
My newest favorite that for some reason I thought I had purchased during the last BTS sale but somehow didn't add to my cart is from Mia McDaniel.  Her Articulation Cans look awesome!

Not sure how I missed this one in my cart last time (I was actually certain I had purchased it).  This is definitely in my cart for this BOOST sale!

I just bought the cans from Target last week, and can't wait to get into my school to print all of the pages so I can get it all ready.  (My school is being renovated, and I can't get in to do anything until a week before school!)

My second favorite product is (shocker!) a book companion!  Mindy Stenger has the most adorable book companions.  They are always exactly what I want to use with books when I target language skills.  If You Take a Mouse to the Movies was no exception. 

My students loved using this packet along with the really cute book by Laura Numeroff.  I have a few more of her book companions on my wish list also.

The third product from another seller that I use a lot is a Fall Pragmatics Pack by Denise Polley.

I love using this packet in the fall.  The activities are awesome for working on pragmatic skills such as problem solving, asking questions, following social rules, making comments, and taking perspective.

Thanks for checking out all of my favorites!!!  You can link up over at SLP Runner to find out what products your other favorite SLP bloggers cannot live without!

Remember, my store will be on sale August 20!  You can get 28% off of anything in my store by using the code BOOST at checkout.

Friday, August 1, 2014

What's in Your Cart? {LINKY}

Thanks to Jenna over at Speech Room News for hosting another "What's in Your Cart?" linky party!  Before every big, site-wide sale at TpT, Jenna hosts a way for us SLPs to share what we are looking forward to purchasing during the big sale.
On Monday, August 4 through Tuesday, August 5, there is a big site-wide back to school sale going on!  You can get 28% off of everything in my store- including bundles!!!!  What a deal!!!
You just have to use the code BTS14 at checkout.  Don't forget to use the code! (I speak from experience)
Here is my newest item that I am so excited about!  Paper Bag Articulation Books {BUNDLE}
These are a fun way to make and store your students own articulation cards.  S, Z, R, L, F, V, K, G are all available right now, with more on the way!
I also have a few things in my cart that I think you might enjoy too...
Articulation Deep Test - R with 100 Picture Stimuli by Gold Country SLP
This will be great when I want to check out all of my students working on R this fall!  For those of you who purchased my JDRF Fundraiser bundle, you may recognize this product that she so generously donated!!!

Speech and Language Zoo by Teach Speech 365
I think this is just absolutely adorable, and targets such a variety of language skills!

Owl Speech Room Décor by Carissa Ten Hoeve
I had an owl theme last year, and this packet will make a great addition/ updates to my décor!  I can't wait to get my hands on these!

Head on back to Jenna's Linky Party, to see what other people have in their carts too. 
I'm sure I will find more things to add to my wishlist once I go through all of the posts! 
Happy shopping!

Paper Bag Articulations Books!

***I am linking this post up with Speech Time Fun for her linky about how people use paper bags in speech!  I can't wait to see all the great ideas!***

A while ago, I was introduced to making paper bag scrapbooks.  They turn out so cute, and are so easy!  Last spring, I decided to try to make some articulation books using the paper bags.  I loved how they came out.  I was able to create pockets in the book for articulation cards- so fun!  I used the books with a few students, and they went over really well with them.  They loved coloring the pictures and placing them in the pockets.  I originally just made /s/ for a few of my students, and planned on making a variety of sounds to share.  Well, my slacker self got behind, and I never finished all of these books, until now!

Introducing...Paper Bag Articulation Books!


To create these books, all you need is three paper lunch bags (I got 40 for $1 at Dollar Tree), a stapler, scissors, glue, and decorative tape (optional).
I have detailed directions on how to create the books in my preview of these books on TpT, HERE.  Just click the Preview button.

Here are a few pictures that show how I put the book together:

First, I gather my bags and fold them in half.  Then, I stack them together...

and staple the binding edge.

Then, I am ready to glue on the pages!  You can also have your kids do this part.  (I would have the paper bags prepared before you have your students as a time saver.)

By using the paper bags, you will create little pockets for all of the articulation cards that are included in the packet!  How cool is that?

So far, I have created books for:
S and Z
F and V
K and G
R and L

Each book contains pictures for the sound in words in all positions: Initial, Medial, and Final.  There are at least 5-12 pictures for each position.  Your students will have a whole bunch of words to practice!

I think what I love most about these books is that they are a great place to store your student's articulation words!  No more sorting through card decks before you play a game.  I think that in itself is a great reason for any busy SLP to use paper bag books!

There is an idea page included in each book.  These ideas are great for at-home practice, if you choose to send the books home.

Each book also comes in a color version, and a black and white line drawing version.  Your students will be able to color their own cards, and you won't have to waste any valuable ink!  I used the color version to make books for myself.  I laminated all of the pictures to make it last for use with many different students.

You can find these books at my TpT store in sets of two, as seen above, or you can purchase a bundle of these books for 20% off!  Paper Bag Articulation Books {BUNDLE}
Please know that I have several more of these books in the works, so by purchasing this bundle now, you are on the ground floor for savings!  The price will go up as more books are added.

Hope you have fun creating paper bag articulation books with your students!

Friday, July 18, 2014

JDRF Fundraiser {BUNDLES}

I don't normally share much personal information about myself or my family, but today I want to share with you a little bit about my oldest son.  At the age of five, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).  I cannot even tell you what a scary and uncertain time this was for our whole family.  There was a huge learning curve of insulin shots and blood sugar checks.  Our son was such a trooper through all of this!  He truly amazed me every day.  Two an a half years later, he is doing well with managing his diabetes.  He currently gets five shots of different types of insulin each day, and also checks his blood sugar throughout the day.  We have to watch him very carefully so that we can help him notice if his blood sugar is dropping too low (hypoglycemia), or is becoming too high (hyperglycemia). 

Unfortunately, this is a lifelong disease that will not go away.  Ever.  There was a heartbreaking day for me when he asked me quietly, "How long am I going to have to do all of these pokes?"  It absolutely broke my heart to tell him that he would have to do it forever.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is an absolutely fabulous organization whose mission it is to "Create a world without T1D."  As the largest charitable supporter of T1D research,the JDRF is currently sponsoring $568 million in scientific research in 17 countries. In 2012 alone, JDRF provided more than $110 million to T1D research.  To continue on with this research, there are many fundraising opportunities for people to help out.

I am participating in my first half-marathon (Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon) in order to help raise funds and awareness for the JDRF.  I am running in honor of my little guy and to help create a world where no mother will ever have to tell their five year old child that they have a lifetime of pokes to look forward to.

I have done some typical fund raising type activities such as emailing friends and family, and having a donation sheet for people to donate, but I felt like I really wanted to do more.  I wanted to raise awareness for this cause, and also try to break my fundraising goal of $750.  I decided to ask for some help with my fundraising from my wonderful SLP speech blogging family.  Wow!  They were absolutely incredible and generous!  There are 32 SLP bloggers/ TpT sellers who have generously donated 36 awesome products for me to include in two bundles that are available to purchase.  I will be donating 100% of the profits from these bundles to the JDRF.  There are over $75 worth of products available in each bundle, and I am offering them for only $20 each!  That is over 70% off in savings!  You will be getting  AWESOME sets of SLP supplies while helping out a great cause!  There are a variety of articulation, language, and fluency products in these bundles.
You can find these bundles here:
Bundle #1
Bundle #2

The bundles will be on sale at TpT from Friday, July 18 to Thursday, July 31, 2014 only!

I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who generously donated products for this bundle.  Thank you to:
Autumn Bryant (Speech-Language Investigator)
Nicole Allison (Speech Peeps)
Carissa Ten Hoeve (Home Sweet Speech Room)
Lindsey Swanson-Karol (Word Nerd Speech Teach)
Amy Locy (Speechasaurus)
Lisette Edgar (Speech Sprouts)
Jen Moses (SLP Runner)
Manda and Shanda (Twin Sisters Speech and Language Therapy)
Linda (Looks Like Language)
Megan Moyer (The Speech Summit)
Dean Trout (Dean Trout's Little Shop of SLP)
Kristin Minden (KristinM12)
Erin Taraboletti (Mrs. T SLP)
Teresa Besson (Tech n' Talk SLP's)
Teach Speech 365
Carly Fowler (Happily SLP)
Rae's Speech Spot
Tatyana Elleseff (Smart Speech Therapy)
Desiree Winterbottom (SLP Talk)
Jenn Alcorn (Crazy Speech World)
Carrie Manchester (Carrie's Speech Corner)
Kathy Grover (Speech All the Time)
Maria Del Duca (Communication Station)
Lynda Whittington (Lynda SLP123)
Rose Kesting (Speech Snacks)
Mia McDaniel (Putting Words in Your Mouth)
Rachel Nortz (Queen's Speech)
Kelly Huganski (Speech2U)
Jenn Bell (Straight Up Speech)
Jessica Schulman (Figuratively Speeching)
Tracy Morlan (Gold Country SLP)

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped out with this fundraiser, and to everyone who purchases a bundle.  I will update this post on August 1 to give you the final total of what will be donated to the JDRF. 

Thank you everyone again!